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Raja Manikandan 03-07-2021

Top 10 Myths That Every NEET Aspirant Must Know about Medical College - Let’s Bust The Myths!

We are here to break the top 10 myths that every NEET aspirant must know about medical college. In this blog, we will be basically knowing the NEET facts surpassing the myths. This is to be understood by any aspirant even before taking up their NEET examination that medical colleges will be way different than other institutions in India. Thus, one must have a fair idea of what to expect and what not to expect being in a medical college.

10 Myths NEET Aspirants Thought to Be True
Here we will be discussing the top 10 myths whose truth every NEET aspirant must know, and then decide on their medical journey. 

Myth No. 1 - Pursuing Medical Studies is a ‘Forever Story’
Studying medical sciences will take around 11 years; first, you have to do your bachelor's, and then post-graduation to get your specialisation. 

That is an eternity! But why not?

When lives will depend on your hands, taking an eternity is well justified for this profession, but is it really a forever story? Of course not, as after 4 years of knowledge, you will be pursuing training, and on-field jobs with patients, but yes in order to be a professional doctor you have to invest 11 years of your life. 

Myth No. 2 - You Have to Be a Brilliant Student
Totally wrong! An aggregate score of 55% in Class 12 will allow a student to pursue medical studies, then why do people believe that only toppers can pursue this field of study? Anyone who is dedicated to this field will excel for sure. 

Myth No. 3 - MBBS is only for the rich kids
If you are a sincere student and score well in NEET, things will work in your favour and you will be studying in a top medical institute in India, funded by the Government of India. Also, bright students get scholarships for their lifetime education. 

Myth No. 4 - Tough Examination 
As you are aiming to be a doctor, you have to consider the fact that educational life will never be a cakewalk for you. Thus, examinations like NEET are challenging no doubt, but they can be easily cracked with sheer hard work and patience. 

Myth No. 5 - Take a Drop for a Year
This is another common myth that people believe that one is required to take a drop to prepare for NEET. If you start your preparation right from Class 11, chances are there that you will clear your exams in one go and you do not have to take a drop for a year. 

Myth No. 6 - Zero Social Life
Well, imagine lakhs of students sitting for this exam to be a doctor, studying day and night to achieve their goal and serve others, and for what? For being unsocial! (this has to be a bad joke!)

You are preparing for this exam and attending medical colleges so that you can serve humanity. This will in fact bring you closer to human interaction and in no sense will it make you unsocial. Moreover, medical colleges too have their annual programmes and inter-college competitions. 

Myth No. 7 - Maths Lovers Can Never Be a Doctor
Definitely a myth again! Love for any subject, let alone Maths, can go parallelly well with you being a doctor. Maths lovers do not worry, for you can still practise Maths and serve people well. In fact, Maths is used in everyday life. As a doctor you will need Maths to calculate medicine doses and other surgical procedure-related things.

Myth No. 8 - Studying a LOT
You will study exactly that much which the course demands, nothing more or less. Thus, studying more does not justify you giving up your dream of being a doctor. 

Myth No. 9 - No Good Specialisation? What a Waste!
Specialisation comes with practice. Thus, keep on practising until you get a vast experience, but until you are specialised it is definitely not a waste. This is only a part of the entire process of being a good doctor. 

Myth No. 10 - An Easy Way to Become Rich
Being a doctor is not only a notable profession but a noble one. Serving mankind with their own hands, getting a huge amount of respect, and being treated like a god, just for money to get rich doesn’t even touch the sphere of this profession.

These were the top 10 myths! We hope you now have a clear understanding of what to believe and what not to believe. Apart from this, medical studies is a very beautiful profession; one must commit to it without thinking of what will be gained in return.

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